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Genre:  Pirate Party Music

Influences: Under

Band Members: Scurvy Dave, Mook Mookus Martini III, Punk “Lion” Hersom, Cap’n Edro, Dread Pirate Roberts, Robbie “Steal Yer Ass Blind” Roberts, Blake “Arms O’ Steel” Thompson

Hometown:  Grand Turk-Turks & Caicos Islands, Pensacola Florida

Current Location: 30.4213° N, 87.2169° W

Record Label: Blurry Parrot Productions

General Manager: Phillip McKraken/Cruzin East Entertainment

Biography:  Scurvy, Funky, and Blurry all in one mischievous package! Twas September the 19th of 1811, in a fierce Nor’easter, Richard St. Pierre Bon-Franklin, well known as SCURVY DICK, and his crew approached Five Islands Maine from the South… in an aging ship The Black Goat. Suddenly a ferocious wave of great power came over the after-deck and washed the scow through the split of Malden Island, crashing in a heap on the shore of Five Islands Cove. Many men perished that brisk September morning, but 5 of the toughest, scurviest most deranged pirates climbed from the wreckage to see their fearless leader Scurvy Dick, ….with a Lobster Roll in one hand, …..busily packing his favorite goat………………with the most cherished booty……setting to the North on foot.
A very Thrifty and Enterprising Seafood Dealer, EBENEZER ENOCH JOHNSTON III,……….. used the beams and the scraps of The Black Goat to build his Pier and Buildings that stand on the very same spot today…….and many of the stolen but cherished belongings & treasures were bartered traded, and used for decorations in the local establishments.
WITH GREAT VENGEANCE, The Yardarms, have been searching for their property ever since!!!
When you hear the words “Scurvy Dick” raise your forearm, make a fist and bark out “And the Yardarms” …then hoist a Grog!!